modern-classic-rock, retro-future-fusion and instrumental-improv-funk-jazz
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The Band
Jan Jackson
Photos by Greg Linhares

Previous Shows:
Thursday · December 14, 2006 · The Connecticut Yankee · San Francisco
with Brian Kenney Fresno
Friday · August 4, 2006 · Meyer Sound Picnic at Dunsmuir Mansion · Oakland, California
Friday · June 30, 2006 · Starry Plough Pub · Berkeley, California
with Slydini and Moe! Staiano
Monday · January 31, 2006 · The Fillmore West · San Francisco, California
The Don Pearson Memorial Concert (private party)
with Les Claypool/Bob Weir/Jay Lane and Selfish Pigs
Thursday · January 5, 2006 · Starry Plough Pub · Berkeley, California
with Slydini and Savant Guard
Friday · November 19, 2004 · Starry Plough Pub · Berkeley, California
with Research & Development and Chemystry Set

Live at the Connecticut Yankee · December 14, 2006
(high quality LAME encoded MP3's · recording by Kayla Knoll)
unpronounceable-20061214-01-Silent_Whisper.mp35:458.0MB    * recommended
unpronounceable-20061214-02-Drek.mp35:097.3MB    * recommended

Live at the Meyer Sound Company Picnic · August 4, 2006
(high quality LAME encoded MP3's)
unpronounceable-20060804-01-Circular_Argument.mp35:335.2MB    * recommended
unpronounceable-20060804-02-Egregious_Ted.mp35:167.1MB    * recommended
unpronounceable-20060804-03-Dark_Matter.mp37:316.0MB    * recommended

Live at the Starry Plough Pub · June 30, 2006
(high quality LAME encoded MP3's · recording by Dave Grossman)
unpronounceable-20060630-01-Circular_Argument.mp35:337.8MB    * recommended
unpronounceable-20060630-08-Dark_Matter_plus_Improv.mp315:1821.2MB    * recommended

Live at the Starry Plough Pub · January 5, 2006
(remastered · high quality LAME encoded MP3's · recording by Alex Coluzzi)
unpronounceable-20060105-03-Egregious_Ted.mp37:1210.2MB    * recommended
unpronounceable-20060105-07-Beyond_The_Back_Door.mp39:3513.8MB    * recommended

Studio Rehearsals
The following two songs were recorded in our studio during a rehearsal and weren't originally meant to be released for anything. They are pretty rough but are a good representation of the kind of music we play. There are no overdubs on any of these and only a few edits were made to remove a few places where we had stopped. The additional bass tracks were looped using an Echoplex Digital Pro looper.
Preview Versions
DarkMatter · darkmatter-preview.mp3 · 2m52s · 3.46 MB
unpronounceable · unpronounceable-preview.mp3 · 1m32s · 1.87 MB
Full Versions
DarkMatter · darkmatter.mp3 · 18m48s · 23.1 MB
unpronounceable · unpronounceable.mp3 · 15m26s · 18.2 MB
Circular Argument · unpronounceable-circular-argument-rehearsal.mp3 · 5m16s · 6.9 MB

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