David J. Grossman
Electric Bassist
Solo and Looped Bass Compositions and Improvisations
J.S. Bach Solo Violin and Solo Cello Works

You can check out my band (unpronounceable) at http://www.davegrossman.net/.
There is another David J. Grossman who plays Double Bass with the New York Philharmonic I'm a different David J. Grossman.

My old Solo Bassist site stuff:

These two clips feature my new Hanewinckel 6-string
Semi-Hollowbody Bass with Piezo pickups and nylon core strings.
The second clip is recorded with no equalization

Sitting in with Bitches Brew
at The Attic, San Francisco - May 25, 2002
Gooey Dewey - by Kenney Kearney

gooey-dewey-attic.mp3 ( 14 minutes - 16megs )

Jab - Trumpet
John Ingle - Saxophones
Aaron Bennet - Saxophones
Vince Wallace - Tenor Saxophone ( guest )
Ezra Gale - Guitar
Dave Grossman - Bass ( guest )
Jason Slota - Drums ( guest )
Sanjay Pardanani - Percussion