( circa 1992 )

Kitty. I originally wanted to name her Naima after the
John Coltrane tune but we just kept calling her 'Kitty'.
I found her as a kitten when driving home from registering
at the Illinois Institute of Technology. I saw her on a bridge
next to a golf course and I jumped out of the car and went over
to see if she was okay. She was friendly and obviously a little
undernourashed. I managed to pick her up and carry her 3 blocks
to my house. Not an easy thing with all the noise from construction
in the area. When I got her home she was so happy that she just
kept purring and jumping up to my hand when I bent down to pet her.
She soon became dominant over our 5 other cats even though she was
very small. She's still a small cat but very healthy and active.