Dave's MIDI Page

Original General MIDI sequences composed by David J. Grossman.

Established 9-11-96  |  Updated 1-16-97

All of the sequences at this site were created with Cakewalk Pro Audio.

Miscellaneous Original Compositions
Prelude in E minor
A short prelude written to span the range of the 6-String Bass.
6sb-prel.mid | 2kb | 9/11/96
Fugue in E minor
A short fugue-like composition written for the 6-String Bass.
6sb-fuge.mid | 3kb | 9/11/96
Adagio in C major
A slow composition for the 6-String Bass.
6sb-adag.mid | 11kb | 9/11/96
An interesting little ditty which evolved from an
experiment in counterpoint.

serendip.mid | 4kb | 9/11/96
Toast on a Stick
My first completed MIDI composition. A rock/fusion type feel.
toast.mid | 22kb | 9/11/96
7/4 Psycho-jam in E minor
My second completed MIDI composition. A rock/fusion type feel.
7-4psych.mid | 57kb | 9/11/96
Miles To Go
My first jazz style composition.
miles2go.mid | 12kb | 9/11/96
My second jazz style composition.
contnuty.mid | 4kb | 9/11/96
An experimental six part fugue-like composition
which spans nearly 7 octaves.

psychfug.mid | 7kb | 9/11/96

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