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The InterChart Home Page
An interactive scale and chord chart generator in Java.
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Vision Music
'offering the highest level of professional music lessons for the ever-evolving guitarist or bassist'

ANATHOLI BULKIN Official Homepage - Jazz Guitarist & Composer

'3 unique Jazz/World-Ensembles - Lots of music to listen to...'

Jazz Guitar Online
Jazz Guitar Online
Excellent source for Jazz Guitar information and lessons.

Greg's Midi & Tab
'The files on this site are designed for every guitarist who is either not confident enough to jam with musicians yet, who can't find any musicians to jam with or any other reason that might arise.'

Blues Guitar Corner
'Blues, Rock & Jazz tuition, scales, licks & chords'

'The online auction of pro gear and musical instruments! Best Gear Deals on the Planet!'

Gitarre Spielen has the world's largest selection of guitar and bass guitar strings. We carry the full line of over 35 different string manufacturers.

Guitar Tabs & Lessons With Audio!

Bass Frontiers Online
A kick-ass online version of the magazine for bassists.

Excellent site for slap/funk bass lessons.

Home Bass
Bass links and information. Great graphics!

The Libster
A very comprehensive Bass site with lots of lessons.

Guitar Notes
Oooodles of guitar links.

Sites and Sound Links
Tons of links to all sorts of music resources.

The Guitar Page

The Ibanez Jem Home Page

Gary's Guitars
A whole bunch of cool guitar-related stuff.

The Nashville Guitar Pattern

Ric Grosh's Music Page
Check out his 'CyberFretboard'

Mark Metl's Place

Todd's Bass Lessons

The Ultimate Guitar Workout
A Modern Guitar Method for Today's Challenging Music

The Broken G-String

Dan Mozell's Page
Home of 'The Incomplete Celtic Guitar'

Jazclass - Regular Music Lessons on Jazz, Blues and Music Principles for Beginners.
Reviews and sales of Music Books by Michael Furstner.

Lucifer's Guitar Links

Aldy's OGRE - online guitar

Buckshot's Chamber
Nothing but guitars, toons, furries, little green men and other silly things.