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If you have not done so already, please read the About section before downloading InterChart.

     The following archive contains the InterChart files necessary to run InterChart off of your hard drive. The archive includes only images, html, and classes which, by design, cannot be infected by virus' or harm your system in any way. ( There is a possibility that an out of memory error could crash the browser and possibly the operating system. ) File Size: 187kb
Updated: 1/17/97
Note: Some users have experienced problems running InterChart off of their hard drive with Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.02. I know of no solution for this problem. It does run okay with other versions of Internet Explorer and with Netscape Navigator.

     This archive contains files with long filenames so you must extract them with an archive utility that supports them such as WinZip, or NetZIP. You must extract them using the saved directory names. To run the applet, simply double-click on the 'index.html' file or drag it onto your Internet browser or desktop icon.

     InterChart reads data from a text file which will probably be updated more often than the zip archive on this page. To make sure you have the latest data file, download the following file and replace the one in your local 'classes' directory.

File Size: 19kb
Updated: 4/16/97