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If you have not done so already, please read the About section before using InterChart.

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At this time, the charts generated by InterChart cannot be directly saved or printed.

Please read the following before running InterChart

     The applet InterChart loads about 185kb of Java classes, images, and data so the download might take a little while. The applet also requires quite a bit of free memory for its graphics. If you get an 'out of memory' type error, try closing and restarting your browser before running the applet. You should restart your browser when you are finished with the applet. InterChart will stay 'running' even after you leave the page. You can actually leave the page and come back right where you left. This can be convenient in some situations but it in most situations, it will just waste memory. There is also a possibility that the 'out of memory' condition can cause the browser or system to crash. InterChart is 100% event driven. This means that it doesn't do anything unless you manipulate the interface.