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Chords constructed from the scale intervals 1, 3, 5 & 6
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Chord:Major 6th
Abbreviation:Maj6, M6
Intervals:M3 P5 M6
Stacked Intervals:M3,m3,M2
Overlaid Triads:Maj,minbb5
Inversion of (on the 6th):min7
Chords · Sixths · Major 6th
Chord:minor 6th
Abbreviation:min6, m6
Intervals:m3 P5 M6
Stacked Intervals:m3,M3,M2
Overlaid Triads:Maj,Majb5
Inversion of (on the 6th):min7b5
Chords · Sixths · minor 6th
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