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This site is organized in a hierarchical tree structure much like the directory tree on your computer. Because of this, some pages will be like directories and only hold links to other pages. These pages have a icon to distinguish them from other pages which have , or various other icons. Pages that function as directories but that also have content have a icon.
All links at this site are in bold without the familiar link underline. This was done for aesthetic purposes in the viewing and printing of this site. After all, you can't click on a link on a printed piece of paper ( I've already tried ). Moving the mouse over a link will highlight it with an underline so it's fairly easy to determine when bold text is a link or not. In general, the context will make it obvious what is a link and what isn't.
Each page has a header that has the title of the site, a title bar, and a description bar. The site title is a link to the home page of the site. The page title is a combination of parent folder titles each of which is a link to that folder. The last part of the title line is the name of the current page and therefore doesn't link to anything.
The icons a the top left and right corners of the page:
will take you to the parent page of the current page, the site-map page, the previous page, and the next page in the tree respectively.
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