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Frequently ( or at least, potentially ) Asked Questions
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Q:Why don't you have the complete contents available online?
A:The CD-ROM version of this site will have well over a 100 megabytes ( perhaps 200! ) worth of data. The disk space and bandwidth it would take to support a site of that magnitude would be very costly. If CD-ROM sales are good, I should be able to afford to put the complete contents online. Hopefully, people will still buy the CD-ROM for the convenience.
Q:Why isn't the six-string bass tuned like a guitar with a high-B string instead of a high-C?
A:Six-string bassists who also play guitar often tune their instrument to have a high-B instead of a high-C. Having a high-C string allows the instrument to be tuned in perfect fourths all the way across and makes it easier to play scales and chords starting on any string without worrying about the change from perfect fourths to a Major 3rd on the last string.
Q:Why a six-string bass?
A:Why not? But seriously ... there were six-string bass instruments several hundred years ago. Check out The Vázquez Collection of Historical String Instruments for some pictures of six-string bass instruments dating back over 400 years.
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