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Information about the software used to create this site
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The charts at this site were generated with a program called DynaChart. DynaChart was essentially a Windows version of my Java Applet, InterChart. DynaChart was written using Borland's Delphi development software. Although I implemented most of the functionality that I wanted, I wasn't satisfied with the program enough to release it to the public and planned on reimplementing it using Borland's C++Builder. Changes in jobs and other factors led to the shelving of that project. DynaChart is currently not available to the public.
DynaChart Screen Shot
Due to the complexity of this site and my tendency to change my mind about the layout and organization of the material quite often, I knew that a straight HTML approach wouldn't be feasable. I decided to use the scripting language 'Tcl' ( Tool Command Language ). Tcl is very strong in the manipulation of strings which was essential for generating complex HTML pages. It is also fairly fast and easy to program.
TclPro is available from Ajuba Solutions at the Tcl Developers Xchange.
Persistance of Vision Raytracer
The graphics used by InterChart and DynaChart were generated with the freeware raytracing program POV-Ray. It's a really cool program that I used to create most of the graphics at Dave's Graphics Page.
The HTML for this site was created using Allaire HomeSite. It's an excellent HTML editor that I have been using for many years.
The Cascading Style Sheets used at this site were created using Bradbury Software's TopStyle. Nick Bradbury was the original author of HomeSite and TopStyle is also an excellent product that I highly recommend.
For editing Tcl code, I use Helios Software Solutions' Textpad. Quite customizable, easy to use and inexpensive.
Paint Shop Pro
The images used at this site were create or processed with Jasc Software's Paint Shop Pro. I have been using this program for years.
Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator
This site has been tested with both Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator. Any browser that supports HTML 4.0 should be adequate. I prefer Internet Explorer for viewing and printing this site.
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