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The history of this site and the projects that led up to it
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late 1980's / early 1990's
The first phase of this project really started in the late 1980's when I wrote some software for the Apple ][+ that generated many of the same charts as the current DynaChart does. They were much more primitive then but the elements in the charts haven't really changed.
early/mid 1990's
In the mid 1990's I dabbled in some C++ chart generating software for the PC. I didn't really have the experience at the time and Windows programming was fairly difficult with existing tools. At that time, I created some charts with CorelDraw which fueled my desire to generate high-quality charts with a minimum of effort.
September/October 1996
My first home page was posted in September 1996. I included a Six-String Bass section with some charts I created in CorelDraw. Since creating charts in CorelDraw was rather tedious and I had a lot of chords and scales I wanted to generate, I decided to write a chart generator in Java.
The first version of InterChart was written in a few weeks and was quickly superceded by a complete rewrite in Microsoft Visual J++. That version hasn't really changed since then and is still available at this site and at The InterChart Home Page which was launched in October 1996.
Early 1997
In 1997, I began work on a Windows version of DynaChart. The charts used the same graphics as InterChart but the interface was more sophisticated and it was possible to save charts and chart images.
July 1997
In July, 1997 I created Dave's Six-String Bass Page which featured charts generated by DynaChart.
October 2000
After many years of neglect, I finally updated this site with a complete re-implementation. For more info about the current implementation see About - Site.
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