All of the raytraced images in the following galleries were rendered with POV-Ray.
by David J. Grossman and are Copyrighted ©1996 (unpronounceable) Productions.

Gallery I A Moray modelled cat
Gallery II Quaternion Julia Fractals I
Gallery III Quaternion Julia Fractals II
Gallery IV Mandelbrot pigment mapped objects I
Gallery V Mandelbrot pigment mapped objects II
Gallery VI Mandelbrot pigment mapped objects III
Gallery VII Mandelbrot pigment mapped objects IV
Gallery VIII Mandelbrot pigment mapped objects V
Gallery IX Mandelbrot image mapped objects I
Gallery X Mandelbrot image mapped objects II
Gallery XI Mandelbrot image mapped objects III
Gallery XII Surface of revolution tests
Gallery XIII 'Missile Project' images
Gallery XIV Lark's Tongues in Aspic
Gallery XV 'Spacetime' Images
Gallery XVI 'The Bent' Images
Gallery XVII Miscellaneous Images

     Most of the images in the above galleries are in the form of JPEG's with a compression level of 30%. The rest were left as GIF's. Most of the JPEG's were created from 24bit Targa images. However, some of the JPEG's were converted from GIF's to save space and lower transfer time. If there is a particular image you are interested in, you can request the posting of a higher quality version.