The Raytracing Newsgroup -
A great place for a discussion of raytracing with a lot of Q & A.

The Home of the Persistence of Vision Raytracer (POV-Ray)
The official home page of the freeware raytracer
used for all of the 3D rendered scenes at this site.

Fractal eXtreme
A powerful, high-quality, Windows95 fractal generator

The home page of the freeware fractal image generator Fractint.

Paint Shop Pro ( JASC Inc. )
Get a copy of the shareware image processor Paint Shop Pro.

Fantastic Fractals

The Transcendental Experience
Artwork that combines hand-drawn, photographic, and computer generated media.

Konsty's RayTracing Hub
POV-Raytraced images and Planetary image-maps.

Digital Waterfalls Home Page
Excellent raytraced image galleries.