The Glenn Gould
De-Vocalizer 2000

Now YOU can hum along to Glenn Gould's classic recordings.


Coming in 2005! The often-requested, long-awaited Keith Jarrett module. Tuned to only remove Keith Jarrett's grunts, yelps, and squeaks, the Keith Jarrett module is a must for any serious audiophile. Now taking pre-orders for only $999.99!
     Most vocal removing processors simply aren't designed to handle the frequencies in Glenn Gould's vocals. The GG-DV2000 Glenn Gould De-Vocalizer 2000 is optimized to remove only the humming and singing of Glenn Gould and leave the piano sound intact. No special CD's are needed. Just try that with any old vocal processor!
     Now you can listen to Glenn Gould recordings without the extraneous humming and singing OR add your own with the included microphone. Great for dinner parties!!!
     Order your GG-DV2000 now for the introductory price of $4999.95 and we'll throw in the bodily function noise module at no extra charge. This module effectively removes breathing, coughing, knuckle cracking, and farts from most live performances. No other vocal processor on the market can make that claim.

Let the proof be in your own ears. Listen to the following audio clip. The first 15 seconds contain part of a Glenn Gould recording of Bach's Partita No. 1 with the amazing GG-DV2000 filtering technology at work. The second 15 seconds is the same section without the filter. I think you will agree that the difference is astounding!

Real Audio 3.0 ( 64kb ) partita.ra
Wave Format ( 350kb ) partita.wav
MP3 56kbps Mono ( 223kb ) partita.mp3

Due to popular demand, I have posted another
side-by-side comparison of the GG-DV2000 in action.

Sarabande from French Suite No. 1 in D minor
Spectral Analysis
Spectral Analysis
MP3 80kbps Mono - 117kbMP3 80kbps Mono - 117kb

Jennifer Crew of the Jennifer Crew Gallery says:

"At last I can enjoy Bach by Gould without the distraction of his humming and other bodily functions. Now he's almost as fabulous as me!"

Jaques Strap from France says:

"This is scandalous! You have understood nothing about the music of Glenn. His singing and humming, as you say, is what makes is music wonderful. It shows that he plays the piano not to amaze his public but to play music for music and for the arts! What is more your music samples does not respect the dead man. I hope you will never sell one of your horrible machine, which is too expensive anyway!"

To order, send a check or money order for
$4999.95 + $499.95 Shipping & Handling to:

Glenn Gould De-Vocalizer 2000
P.O. BOX CS-318
Springton, JB 602015

Please allow 6-8 months for delivery

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